Building a seamless user experience with Head of User Experience, Alex McMahon

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3 min readDec 9, 2021

Have you ever designed a seamless user experience for millions of platform users? ZED RUN’s new Head of User Experience Alex McMahon has.

For the past 11 years, Alex has been honing her craft as a design lead, supporting website and app designers across the globe to deliver products that enhance end-user experiences. During her career, Alex has worked for large corporations like NewsCorp and Expedia, leveraging new technology like IoT and machine learning to transform digital platforms.

Now, Alex is bringing her expertise to ZED RUN, to improve the experience of tens of thousands of stable owners in the ecosystem. She says, “I want to make sure that the experience from the time you sign up to the time you compete in a race is seamless and enjoyable.”

“My goal is to improve engagement with the platform and really lead with a design that is human-centered and benefits our community of diverse users.”

Alex says her process always begins with listening to a problem, and she often quickly finds herself rapidly putting pen to paper — or as she describes it, getting into “concept and solution mode.” This made her a perfect fit for ZED RUN.

“I feel like the sky’s the limit with ZED in terms of what we can create. I’m excited about being able to support our teams to design a product that is world-class and for the people.:

Geoff Wellman, ZED RUN Co-Founder, says. “We’re thrilled to have Alex on board. She is a problem-solver at heart and is going to be collaborating with our teams to ensure we design new features in the right way, incorporating user feedback and sentiment, and uncovering new ways to make the platform that much better.”

It's not just her expertise that makes Alex such a great leader. She is also an advocate and member of the LGBTQIA community and champions creating diverse and inclusive teams.

She believes this is what will ensure emerging platforms create the best experiences for their online communities saying, “Diversity of thought will lead to better outcomes for our ZED users, who we know come from all ages and walks of life across the globe.”

Outside of ZED RUN, Alex has been a volunteer for as long as she’s been a designer. Currently, she is volunteering for the United Nations, designing graphics for causes such as COVID-19 awareness on health and hygiene best practices in African nations.

Overall, Alex is eager for what the future holds: “I’m not afraid to fail and I learn from my mistakes fast, and with my hobby of gaming, interest in crypto, and ZED RUN, this role feels like the perfect fit.”



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