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3 min readFeb 24, 2022

For more than 20 years, Virtually Human Studio (VHS) Chief Marketing Officer Shannon Dix has journeyed at the forefront of digital transformation in marketing. His dedication to leading groundbreaking initiatives aimed at driving growth for global brands has led him everywhere from his native Australia, to China and most recently, Singapore where he resides.

Now at the helm of marketing for VHS, Shannon is helping build a strategy to catapult the startup through entertaining experiences, creating new ways to invite people to the metaverse through initiatives, and ensuring people are engaged through incredible products once they arrive.

Prior to joining VHS in November, Shannon had worked on a variety of global campaigns across Asia, with career highlights including campaigns for HTC Mobile, that featured appearances by Ironman himself, Robert Downey Jr., and working in China across a multitude of global brands, including the late NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Like many, his introduction to the space initially involved dabbling in NFTs and cryptocurrency. It wasn’t until he had a closer look at what VHS was building that he knew the opportunity was something truly special.

“After my first chat with VHS Co-Founder Rob Salha, I knew this was a company destined for greatness,” says Shannon. “And after my first ZED run race, I was hooked.”

“The growth opportunity is vast and significant, with the metaverse market size predicted to reach as much as $800 billion by 2024 (compared to $46 billion in 2020),” Shannon says. “VHS will reimagine what it means to be an entertainment Play-to-Earn brand in Web 3.0.”

When Shannon isn’t in the lab sculpting marketing plans, he’s outside running and listening to his favourite podcasts, but more importantly, his truest passion above all is his most important role: being a Dad. In his at-home capacity, Shannon has found a way to utilise his expertise for good.

“My oldest daughter and I have written and published a children’s book titled Rainbow Dreamgirls about empowering young girls to be confident, find their special power, and spread colour where there isn’t colour to make a difference in the world,” Shannon says.

While empowering the youth, he looks forward to the work ahead with VHS, knowing community will play a massive role in how far the digital revolution goes.

“It all begins with the people, so I will lay the foundation for a strong, agile, and multi-disciplined global marketing team across data, creativity, content, CRM, performance, and community obsessed initiatives,” Shannon says.

“We plan to integrate and tighten the partnership with our community as co-creators and evangelists of the brand, the ZED RUN game experience, and our role in culture. And we couldn’t be more excited about the future of ZED. Watch this space.”

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