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3 min readMar 11, 2022

Leone Winterstein has always had a passion for lending support to others when it’s needed most. From childhood through her adult and professional life, helping others overcome obstacles has been a common theme.

As Customer Support Operations Lead at Virtually Human Studio, Leone continues to work within her passion of lending support to the ZED RUN community.

“Customer support operations is a vital part of the business,” Leone says. “We are building a product that operates 24/7 and the team works around the clock to ensure the level of service is delivered within that capacity.”

“This new space demands more from businesses, beyond being available — it is about deeper engagement and relatability on new levels, capturing live feedback while being flexible and responsive. The immediacy of insights not only shapes ongoing product development but sets a new standard as we continue to pioneer and grow as a team and community.”

Amid the rise of startups blossoming from endless possibilities of emerging tech, Leone was instantly drawn in, leaving behind a 16-year career in corporate to follow her passion for technology.

Paving the way for mainstream adoption, Leone has consistently moved mountains throughout her journey — from working alongside the founders of Airtasker to leading as Head of Support for the Australian ride-sharing app Go Catch. She now sets the pace for ZED RUN driving influence through Customer Support Operations.

“Since jumping into the space, I’ve quickly learned just how inspiring this industry — and the people who lead the way within it — can be,” Leone says.

“I think the future of immersive tech in regards to NFTs and collectibles will become mainstream across music, art, and sport. There is so much utility at the moment which is going to be adopted as the space continues to evolve. Playing a role in supporting this becoming a reality at VHS is truly a passion of mine.”

Leone’s heart for helping others has led to important charity work, particularly for those in dire need of generosity and compassion. Sometimes the most simple acts of kindness can deliver joy as she joins other volunteer mums in creating home-cooked meals as part of a street kitchen serving the homeless.

“Most homeless people have fallen on hard times by no fault of their own. Helping these individuals isn’t restricted to just mums but we often bring our children along as well. It’s a humbling experience for both myself and my kids, keeping us grounded and keeping the needs of others first.”

As for the future of supporting ZED RUN stable owners and alleviating concerns as the game expands, the first and foremost order of business, Leone says, will always be centred on growing a team of like-minded people who share the same passion in life — helping others.

“I’m excited to continue the development and scaling of our support teams at Virtually Human Studio, and to better serve our incredibly creative and thriving communities.”

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