Fuelled by Horsepower: NASCAR Signs Partnership with Virtually Human Studio (VHS)

Virtually Human Studio (VHS)
2 min readAug 5, 2021


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is excited to announce our supercharged partnership with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)to fuel a brand new, futuristic fandom experience for generations to come.

Boosting Ownership with NFTs

On the speedway of emerging tech, VHS continues to lead with ZED RUN by enabling an ecosystem of 100,000+ hyper engaged users to participate in 24/7 non-stop racing action. Similar to traditional horse racing, NASCAR is taking bold steps towards breaking the mould of redefining how sports entertainment can be delivered through NFT ownership.

Surpassing expectations with a series of strategic partnerships with Atari and Stella Artois, the team is excited to push forward with NASCAR whose focus on innovation and blockchain gaming will drive communities to enter the metaverse together.

Fuelling Fandom

“Recreating what fandom means through the concept of ownership, the NASCAR and VHS partnership will lay the foundation by exploring innovation around NFTs and what it means to have skin in the game,” says Chris Laurent, CEO and Co-Founder of VHS.

The collaboration between VHS and NASCAR aims to showcase an additional layer of cutting edge entertainment, which will ultimately uncover an emerging demographic of super fans.

Tim Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at NASCAR says, “Our teams are aligned in vision and share a passion for using technology as a launchpad to discover a new audience, one that is deeply engaged. Partnerships like the one with VHS, have the ability to revolutionise the NASCAR brand by bridging the gap between an age-old sport and innovative new technology.”

Partnering for the Future

With a focus on games and the creator economy, Jonathan Lai, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, says, “Through innovation in gameplay, streaming video, and blockchain-based virtual economy design, ZED RUN has attracted a new generation of fans to a classic sport. I’m excited to see them bring that innovation to new formats of entertainment.”

VHS is aggressively seeking and securing partnerships with those on the fringe of sports and entertainment. NASCAR propels VHS beyond the checkered flag and solidifies its place in the blockchain gaming landscape.



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