We’re often asked about our polygon design of our ZED RUN racehorses.

Why did we choose this polygonal design? Why not stick to a more traditional look?

The ZED RUN Racehorse

Well, there are a few reasons for this…

First is simply to differentiate. There are plenty of horse racing games out there that have “Realistic” looking horses. Why be the same, when you can be different. We want our design to stand out and be a topic of conversation. Whether it be good or bad.

Secondly, ZED RUN horse racing is a digital ecosystem that lives online. Our game’s narrative sets ZED RUN not only online, but in a futuristic, parallel universe. We’re all fans of things like Quantum Physics. So if you look at the ZED Universe, it’s not only a parallel universe but also set in the future (2150 to be exact). ZED is the first stepping stone of many digital endeavours that are helping explore and create the MetaVerse. A digital reality that lays on top ( and below ) ours.

Thirdly, and more to the point of the title. The way we’ve designed our ZED RUN racehorses allows us to incorporate any artwork or design directly onto the racehorse. This way we can create truly unique, 1 of a kind racehorses that live in our ecosystem. When our racehorses are minted they start with a Coat color which is fixed, think of this as your canvas’s base color. After this the sky’s the limit. Our racehorse design empowers players, artists and even companies to collaborate with us and put their own mark on the ZED RUN ecosystem.

In the future, we want the cosmetics of our racehorses to be fully customisable. Approach us with your art, your ideas, your IP or even your products. This way we can create a digital art piece that has inherent utility.

Talking about NFT’s and utility

With the current hype surrounding the digital art space and minting NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) artworks on the blockchain ( look up Beeple and CryptoPunk ), it is a logical step for us to start opening up our platform to empower as many digital artists as we possibly can. We want ZED RUN racehorses to be the ultimate art pieces.

A beautiful art piece that also carries true utility. An artwork that you can race and breed while still maintaining and enhancing scarcity and rarity.


Our latest partnership with the iconic ATARI brand allows us to explore what this would look like partnering with well established brands and their IP.

Using ZED Racehorses as a canvas for brand’s IP.

We are excited about the early results we’re seeing with Atari’s brand. We feel like this is an amazing natural progression for our racehorses! Giving them an artist’s unique touch while maintaining performance and functionality.

As we continue, we’re looking at expanding our partnership base with well established brands and artists. We want to honor their work and their IP while giving birth to more utility orientated art works.

What we also believe is powerful in partnering with artists and brands is the power of community. As ZED RUN continues to grow it’s community, we’re also helping these artists and brands expose their work in a new and exciting way to a wider audience base. Not only that but also to a community that loves the product. We’re already seeing ZED RUN users fall in love with Atari IP everyday as they see it associated with the racehorses they love and care for.

Stay tuned for more.

And please reach out if you would like to see your artwork minted on one of our rare digital racehorses.

Thank you for reading.


Chris Ebeling
Creative Director | Co-Founder
Virtually Human Studios

Virtually Human Studio (VHS)’s mission is to uncover what the future of entertainment can do for humanity.