Junior Producer Eva Ly Keeps Creativity on Time

Virtually Human Studio (VHS)
2 min readMar 24, 2022

Behind every incredible artist stands at least one person who supports their creative endeavours. In her role as Junior Producer at Virtually Human Studio (VHS), Eva Ly is just that — the rock our creative team leans on.

“My core responsibilities at VHS involve monitoring, tracking, and documenting completion of tasks and project progress on a day-to-day basis,” Eva says. “Working as a buffer between the marketing, communications, creative, and partnerships teams, I make sure we stay on schedule and projects are completed on time.”

From finishing her Master’s Degree, Eva’s post-university work took her on a whirlwind tour. From working on the Marvel Studios Disney Plus animation series ‘What If’ to popular video game projects Infliction, Projection, and Town of Light. It was on this path Eva met Creative Director Chris Ebeling (Ebs).

“I met Eva when recruiting potential students for the UTS Animal Logic Masters in Animation and Digital Visualisation program I was spearheading,” says Ebs. “I recall interviewing Eva and recognising her passion and strength in this space, which led me to inquiring about her interest in production coordination. As we continued to scale the Creative team, it was a no-brainer for me to reach out to Eva about joining.”

When Eva isn’t supporting our team of creatives and artists, she’s working on her own crafts. She loves caring for her saltwater fish, playing the piano, honing her knife skills as an amateur chef, and perfecting her favourite rhythm arcade games.

“As we evolve, Web3 will continue to emerge as the most incredibly accessible gaming platform,” Eva says. “I believe Web3 holds unlimited potential, and I am continually learning from the amazing people at VHS as we work together to help build the future of entertainment.”

To connect with Eva and learn more about Creative Production at VHS and ZED RUN, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/evaly-kekkyokufb/.

To learn about opportunities at VHS, visit https://www.vhslab.com/careers.



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