“NOOD RUN” Be Victorious in the Metaverse

Virtually Human Studio (VHS)
2 min readAug 25, 2022


Introducing “Nood Run” — Human Park’s first gameplay is a death defying race where finishing first means more than just bragging rights.

A platform battle-royale where players will navigate through a dystopian world filled with leg breaking turbines, gravity bending tesla coils, and sharks with friggin’ laser beams… Okay not the sharks, but there will be a healthy amount of flesh searing lasers. If you are lucky enough to survive and finish first you will be crowned champion.

Paying Homage to Our Community of ZED Headz

We are thankful for the incredibly loyal community of “ZED Headz” that have been with us from the beginning. As a token of our appreciation, we’re representing your love for ZED RUN in this unique, Human Park cross ZED token utility… a ZED HEAD NOOD SUIT. … C’mon, a Nood dressed up as a ZED RUN horse in a race to the death?

The ZED HEAD NOOD SUIT is a fully playable skin that can be utilised within Human Park, including Nood Run. Owning this skin grants you early access to the highly anticipated “Social Spaces” and Human Park Season Zero events. Not convinced? Download the latest Human Park App and see for yourself!


We are committed to adding value, utility, and equity to our community. As a bonus for ZED Token holders we are discounting the mint price of the ZED HEAD Nood Suit!

The limited time sale starts August 25, race over to the brand new VHS website to mint your ZED HEAD Nood Suit while you can.

We think Ricky Bobby said it best…

“If you’re not first, you’re last”

See you in the Park!



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