Unlocking growth with VP of Strategy & Operations Chika Chandrashekar

Virtually Human Studio (VHS)
3 min readNov 8, 2021


Chika Chandrashekar knows a thing or two about growth in his career and in business. It’s something the new VP of Strategy & Operations at VHS has kept at the forefront of his mind since his experience as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.

Since his time at Goldman Sachs, Chika’s drive for growth has led him down a varied career path and enabled him to guide a number of global finance, eCommerce, and tech businesses through their own expansions.

Some of his proudest career highlights have been helping grow businesses from running the monetization strategy for eBay Australia to leading Google’s global product strategy for releases like global data/privacy changes, search integrations with various sporting leagues, and introducing Google Pay in Australia. Most recently, he was on the exec team at Sean Parker’s social media platform, Airtime.

Chika wanted to be a part of the next wave of media and tech and was pulled to Virtually Human Studio, to help build out the ZED metaverse: “It’s a rapidly growing platform and it’s pushing the boundaries of sports, entertainment and interactive experiences.”

He says, “The beauty of ZED RUN is how an ecosystem is being developed, via NFTs and blockchain gaming, that allows such close investment from the community. People love their digital racehorses, the community, and livelihoods are literally being created here.”

“I’m excited about the huge opportunities around crypto gaming and the metaverse; really giving back all the value to the community around it. Having a young daughter, it’s exciting to think what it all might look like by the time she’s old enough to engage in it!

“I’m really looking forward to working with our Founders and investors to tap into new blockchain-based gaming and entertainment opportunities, all of which is supported by a differentiated strategy and sustainable growth.’

Rob Salha, Co-Founder of VHS says, “Chika’s niche skillset will allow us to differentiate ZED RUN even further, helping to position us in key markets abroad and enable us to develop other interactive experiences in the metaverse.”

Outside of work, Chika is driven to foster growth in the industry as an active startup advisor and angel investor. In the past, he has also been a mentor at Techstars New York and the Galvanize accelerator.

So — what does Chika think is the most important quality for a leader of a growing business like VHS? He says that it is key to “be adaptable, flexible and to treat people the way you want to be treated. I think respect and empathy are underestimated, and ultimately leadership is about EQ and how your team is understood and respected.”



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